About Stefan Laeng

I have studied Sensory Awareness and related practices since 1980 with teachers in Europe and the USA. Authorized to be a representative of this practice by Charlotte Selver, I studied and worked with her extensively until her death in 2003. I am the executive director of the Sensory Awareness Foundation.

Since 1983, I have been a Buddhist practitioner, studying with teachers in different traditions, mostly Vipassana, at times Zen, and some Tibetan Dzogchen for good measure.

Born and raised in Switzerland, I studied meditation-Based Gestalt Therapy and Bioenergetic Analysis with Marcel Geisser and Gestalt Therapy with Seymour Carter and Walter Zünd. In 1994, I left Switzerland for the US, to assist the then 94 years old Charlotte Selver in her busy life of teaching and traveling while being old but not at all retired. I Expected to return to Switzerland after a couple of years or so, i.e. after her death, but Charlotte continued to live until 2003 and I never returned. I now live in Peterborough, New Hampshire with my son, Julian.

Drawing at times from my background in Buddhism and Gestalt Therapy, I offer Sensory Awareness in individual sessions, classes and workshops in the US and Europe. I currently work on an extensive biography and oral history of Charlotte Selver.

2 thoughts on “About Stefan Laeng

  1. I studied dance by Wilma Vesseur and many others famous teachers . Bodymindcentering, kontempativ dance, holistic dance and movementpedagogic, dances to the flowers of Edward Bach etc. but I ‘m not buddistic, I have the christian religion ….

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