Six Minutes at a Time

Presence and inquiry for the overwhelmed and otherwise challenged.

Having just moved, navigating through boxes, searching endlessly for things, and trying to find some kind of structure for the house, for my work day, I find myself overwhelmed and indecisive.  How can I even begin to be productive? I should sit and meditate. No, I should unpack. No I should respond to e-mails. I need to work.

I sit on my office chair and try to become quiet. But I am not quiet. I have little concentration. My mind wanders. I even try to figure out how to meditate now! I need to sit for a long time, that will help me. I need to be in my belly where there are no thoughts. Or maybe following my breath would be good. But nothing sticks, everything seems like too much.

This is then when I remember that I can dedicate myself to something for six minutes. That seems doable. I set the timer for six minutes, lean back on my chair and put my legs on the desk. No, I will not force myself into an upright and proper meditation position.

I also remember to set a clear intention for this. It could be anything but it needs to be something clearly defined. Otherwise I will get confused and frustrated. For the six minutes I will let bodily sensations be in the foreground. That is the intention to which I can keep coming back. It doesn’t matter how good I am at it. I simply come back to feeling bodily sensations when I remember.

After six minutes I feel considerably more grounded. I want more. My intention for the next 6 minutes is to become grounded in the darkness of my lower belly and sacrum. Everything else will not be important and immediately dropped when I become aware of it. For that I want to sit upright and on the edge of my chair, feet on the floor.

When the timer goes off next I feel energized. I’m finally ready to write that e-mail I’ve been wanting to write for days. It shouldn’t take more than six minutes. I set the timer and go and do it.

Now I’m ready for the day. I will keep the timer close to me and use it as needed, when ever I feel overwhelmed and indecisive.